Tulsi-Holy Basil: Herbal Supplement has been discontinued

But we have outstanding Tulsi Tea products that are sure to please you. You can still enjoy all the benefits of Tulsi Tea as a delicious and refreshing drink.

Choose from these other Tulsi Tea products:

  • Organic Tulsi Tea Mix (in bags or loose form)
  • 100% Organic Tulsi Tea Extract

Organic Tulsi Tea Mix comes in a variety of flavors or pick up the hassle-free 100% Organic Tulsi Tea Extract. Simply pump the extract into a glass of water and it's ready to drink!

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"Organic India Unlocks the Door to a Long, Healthy and Emotionally Balanced Life with Tulsi"

Tulsi – One of Nature’s Most Powerful Medicines

Tulsi-Holy Basil: Herbal Supplement
has been discontinued.

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